2010: The Year The NTA’s Sold Out

I tuned into the NTA’s (National Television Awards) last night expecting to write a few comments on the people who won awards and what I thought of the publics choices. However it seems the whole ‘awards’ part of the night has taken a backseat to a new mishmash of X-Factor style entertainment.

I always remember the NTA’s as being a nice celebration of TV held in the Royal Albert Hall under the watchful eye of Sir Trevor McDonald. Last nights couldn’t be further from that original idea. From the start we were pelted with lights, blasted with sounds and distracted by Dermot ‘O Leary’s mad arm gestures. Rather than hear about the TV programmes of the year, we were tortured by Joe McElderry’s mediocre rendition of ‘Don’t Stop Believin’ and Jedward performing their ‘new’ single (Under Pressure) with Vanilla Ice.

There were points where I thought I was watching an entirely different programme, like The X-Factor had returned early. The amount of times we focused on Cowell and Cole you might have believed they were going to give comments on how well the winners had performed their acceptance speech.

And then another thing confused me. ITV spent over 10 minutes advertising Coronation Street for no reason at all. First we had a very dull and drawn out speech from Ken Barlow (with some other dude looking completely bemused next to him). And then that was followed by a 5 minute preview of upcoming episodes. Now, I’m not a Corrie fan so this bored me, but if I was, I’d be equally annoyed if I did like it as it seemed to ruin every plot line coming up. It was just a poor excuse for ITV to plug one of the only shows they don’t need to. What a waste of time.

For me, I just thought the whole ceremony was dreadful. There was no need for the OTT presentation, there was no need for Simon Cowell’s karaoke acts, there was no need to have such a large venue as the o2, there was certainly no need to get rid of Sir Trev. It just seems to me that this is another programme that Simon Cowell has now got in his pocket and before-long all ITV’s shows will be like this, destroying any integrity they had left.

But enough about that, onto the awards themselves (not that they were much better). The Drama performances were completely unsurprising (but then with the other nominations, probably desevered) for David Tennant and Doctor Who.

I was less than impressed with the amount of Soap awards that now exist.

It bemuses me how Ant and Dec are still winning awards, they’re obviously doing something right, but I can’t see it. 

The factual section was a joke; The Apprentice, Loose Women, Top Gear and Come Dine With Me, which one is exactly factual??? And the biggest surprise, Loose Women won (hmmm, another ITV show).

In my opinion, the only truly deserved award of the night was Stephen Fry’s ‘Special Recognition Award’ (although why people like Jamie Oliver, Robson Green and Simon Cowell got one before him I don’t know…). It was a very moving moment for everyone, especially Stephen himself who opened his speech with ‘OMFG!’

So that was the NTA’s 2010, the year when any ounce of actually supporting great TV left the show in favour of tacky (not-known-until-the-end-of-last-year) ‘talent’ took over. These are meant to be the people’s awards, but I’m sorry, this year it was just a big promo for a certain Mr. Cowell…

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2 Responses to 2010: The Year The NTA’s Sold Out

  1. My Life Is says:

    For whatever reason only a quarter of the post is being displayed, is it my web browser or the site?

  2. chrisbheath says:

    Seems to be fine for me… which browser are you using?

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