New Year, New Blog!

OK, so we are 17 days into the glorious year of 2010, but nows the time for the announcement!

From now on, the blog will be changing ever so slightly. Don’t worry, it’ll still look pretty much the same, but the content is the main difference.

Until now, I’ve always focused on features and although these are good, they are time consuming, require a lot of thought

and I’ve sometimes been lazy…

and can therefore result in the site not getting updated much.

That’s why from now on, I’ll be concentrating in much shorter snaps for my blog post, giving you my opinions and news in a much shorter and concise way. This should make the whole site a lot easier to digest and produce a lot more content and thus hopefully become more entertaining! Don’t worry, the longer posts will still exist, they’ll just be less frequent

I’m also planning to expand the reach to everything in my life (I can hear your excitement already!) but I’m hoping this approach will make the site more personal whilst retaining it’s professional edge.

Also before I go, there’s some BIG NEWS! I am now the Interactive Editor of StaffsLive, my university’s news website. You can read about it on this lovely new page or visit the site itself! I’m hoping my work at StaffsLive will help to improve ‘The Rich, Harsh Poet’ also.

Well thats all for, thanks for continuing to visit the blog and I hope to ‘entertain’ you again in the future!

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