Sky to nab ITV’s only quality programme???

It turns out that Murdoch’s at it again! Harry Hill and his TV Burp are apparently ‘weeks away’from leaving ITV for Sky1.

And who could blame him. Sky are offering £80,000 per episode! That’s a crazy amount to watch and comment on a bit of TV.

Harry’s show has gone from strength to strength on ITV pulling an average of over 5 million to it’s teatime slot on Saturday nights. Even the current run of repeats are drawing a strong audience. So it’s understandable that they’re ‘trying really hard to keep him’ according to an insider. But the credit crunch is not helping the commercial broadcaster and with Sky offering up to £3 million per year, ITV really can’t compete.

Personally I think this is a real blow for ITV. In my opinion, TV Burp is their last ‘great’ show. Everything else on the channel has dwindled into reality TV, soaps or hideous z-list celebs! I remember a time when ITV was a brilliant broadcaster, a true rival to the BBC, but those days sadly seem over, with the network simply going for shows they can make a quick quid from instead of actual entertainment. TV Burp was one of the only shows I watched on ITV and one of the only ones left that wasn’t just going for your money through a phone competition (although the knitted character had a go).

So, the deal is yet to be signed, but ti does look like Harry and his wacky style of comedy will be leaving terrestrial TV and it’s wider audience for the devil of Sky (oh how it’s taken so many!). But never fear for ITV, ‘The Crystal Maze’ is coming back soon… with Amanda Holden! *Slaps Whoever commissioned that one!*

Source: Digital Spy

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