Cowell Wants Election To Be Like ‘X Factor’

Now this is just plain silly… X Factor supremo Simon Cowell has voiced his opinion to make next years general election more like a reality show.

The music mogul reckons the proposed televised debate between Gordon Brown and David Cameron should be hyped up more like the ‘X Factor’ itself. He’s told GQ magazine he wants it to be “like the presidential debates in America. I’d like to produce that here. I would! Just for the hell of it! Make it a bit more fun.” He went on to add; “Like we have on The X Factor. Down the steps, and some music and loads of spotlights.”

The question is, would this make the election more fun, or just a complete sham. Do we really need the (legendary) announcer Peter Dickson shouting out ‘DAVID CAAAAAAMEROOOOOON’ after seeing a disturbingly epic montage of clips from David’s campaign so far. I think not.

Sure, this may well get younger people interested in the election, but at what cost. The last think I want to see is politics made into a reality TV show. In my opinion this will just make a mockery of the whole thing and introduce ‘entertainment’ in place of actual policies.

By all means have a televised debate, but please, don’t X Factor it up!

What do you think of this idea? Post your comments below.

Source: Digital Spy

2 Responses to Cowell Wants Election To Be Like ‘X Factor’

  1. Simon Boyle says:

    simon’s teeth are very white

  2. Simon Boyle says:

    :O OH NO

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