Channel 4 Enters The Third Dimension

We’ve had 3D movies for ages now, it’s been dated back to the 1800’s! But despite this, it still seems to be very939c488d-d29b-49b0-a17c-8211a69aecaf_625x352rarely used. Enter Channel 4! In an attempt to be innovative and edgy (well that was the original point of the channel), they’re broadcasting a selection of programmes in 3D next week.

3D week runs from 16th – 22nd of November and will feature old clips, new shows and user created content all in three dimensions. It’s the first time in British TV that a whole week has been dedicated to 3D film. You’ll be able to watch the shows with the help of colourcode glasses available at Sainsbury’s stores (although from experience they’re not brilliantly easy to find!)

But what can you actually watch? The week will start at 5 with Paul O’ Grady going 3d at select points during his show. At 9 on the same night you’ll be able to watch The Queen In 3D including such events as the coronation. Derren Brown will be presenting the magic spectacular just after in what promises to be a very entertaining show. Wednesday and Friday are set to scare you with ‘Flesh For Frankenstein’ and ‘Friday The Thirteenth Part III’ both jumping out at you. The week ends with The Greatest 3D moments (well it is Channel 4) as well as Hannah Montana and T4 in 3D.

Certainly an interesting selection of programming. I’m really looking forward to Derren’s magical meddling and not so much to the thought of 3D JLS on T4, but I think it’s safe to say Channel 4 have found something for everyone.

So is this the start of a new 3D revolution? Interest is definitely picking up again with YouTube experimenting in the third dimension. Not seen any? Simply type the tag ‘yt3d:enable=true’ into the search bar and you’ll see loads of users are experimenting with the tech. And you don’t even need glasses for it, you can choose to view cross-eyed and still get a similar effect.

Channel 4 have jumped on this interest and are asking anyone with a spare moment to make a 3D video for them. They’ve even made a video explaining how it’s done. A selection of these clips will also be shown during the week.

But will this actually mean 3D TV will become reality.

Personally I still think it’s too early for that. We’re not in a nation that want to put on red and blue glasses to watch the box. But as time goes on, the technology is getting better and better (anyone who’s seen a disney 3D film will know they’ve got a brilliant system that does away with the red/blue tinge) and I do think that one day 3D TV could become the norm.

But for now it’s just a very interesting gimmick.

3D week begins this coming Monday.

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