F1 2009 – The Singapore GP: Prediction

With an hour and a bit left until the start of the race, here’s my prediction for this weekends grand prix.

From the looks of qualifying and the practice sessions, it looks like McLaren are the dominant force this weekend. Hamilton is equal third heaviest at the start of the race, yet he’s managed to gain pole position. Now this is obviously partially due to Barichello’s Q3 crash, but there’s no denying the pace of the McLaren.

Vettel and Webber in the Red Bull’s are fuelled  very light and will obviously come in earlier. The question is will their opening pace be enough. The track is hard to overtake on, so getting in front of Hamilton early on could be key. This will be quite difficult, it’s not like Lewis to give up a position quickly.

Brawn are struggling here and look to be having yet another ‘damage limitation’ race. Jenson has fuelled very heavilly which could bring him back into contention, but I think really he’s looking at the bottom of the points today.

Ferrari are also struggling here with Raikkonen only making it into 13th position. But again he’s been fueeled heavily. And with Fisichella starting in 18th… well he may get somewhere with enough crashes!

It’s also fair to mention the Toyota’s, William’s, BMW’s and Alonso who are all fairly high up and could mess things up for the title contenders.

So taking all that into account, here’s my top 3 prediction:

1. Hamilton

2. Alonso

3. Vettel

Of course this is a very hard race to predict and with the winding track and the stench of ‘cheating’ still in the air, quite frankly anything could happen!

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