Song Of The Week: 13/09/09

songweekA million apologies for not doing this for the past two weeks, been really snowed under with stuff :(. But here it is again for it’s triumphant return!

So as many of you will know and hopefully you’ve noticed from the top-banner change, this week is a very important week musically as Muse (the greatest band in the world) release their fifth studio album, ‘The Resistance’. As a fitting tribute I’m featuring a song from the album as my Song Of The Week.

This Week’s RHP Song Of The Week



Yes I’ve gone for the titular track on the album, mostly because it has really surprised me. I heard a 30 second preview of it a while back and was quite underwhelmed. However, now hearing the full version, this is clearly one of the best on the entire record.

In the way that Muse have often been known for, this song has many distinct sections. It starts off with the sound of wind and dark noises. A piano then kicks in along with striking drum beats. This builds up to Bellamy’s

The Psychadelic album cover to 'The Resistance'

The Psychadelic album cover to 'The Resistance'

first vocals, ‘Is our secret safe tonight, and are we out of sight’. These are the kind of lyrics that this album is built on, paranoia all the way through.

After the verse we move to a new section with Chris Wolstenholme providing backing of ‘could be wrong’ while Bellamy screams that it should’ve been right! This then breaks through to the brilliant chorus, ‘love is our RESISTANCE’. It’s an extremely powerful line and takes the track into a new level.

The song also ends in this vein with Matt Bellamy screaming out the final few lyrics, very reminiscent of the end of ‘Sing For Absolution’.

Resistance is a great track. It’s the first Muse song in my opinion, that perfectly walks the line between mainstream and old-style Muse. It’s a real credit to the band and I can’t wait to see it performed live in November!

You can listen to Resistance now on the album is released tomorrow, the 14th September.

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