F1 2009 – Italian Grand Prix Prediction

I thought it would be fun if for the rest of the season I give a little prediction of where I think the drivers will end up in the race. I’ll do this after the race weights have been revealed so I have aDH013116 little bit of an idea what might happen.

This weekend it’s the Brawn’s and the McLarens that are looking strongest with the Force India thrown in as a wildcard.

Looking at the weights it looks like the top three are on a two-stop strategy with the rest of the field opting for a one-stop (although thats debatable with some. So the one-stop seems to be favoured and is probably the best strategy around Monza, but don’t forget they will hurt on the long straights with the extra fuel load.

So what does this all mean for the result. Well Hamilton, Sutil and Raikkonen to an extent should pull away at the start, but as the race progresses, the extra heavy Brawn’s will come into play. Kovalainen is also likely to play a ‘rear-gunner’ role for Hamilton and try and hinder the Brawn’s. They’ll also have to watch out for Liuzzi and Alonso who are slightly lighter (possibly 2 stop) behind them.

When you take this all into account, it looks like a very close field (I do think it is the closest I’ve seen so far!) and the result could go many ways, but here’s my top three prediction.

1. Lewis Hamilton

2. K. Raikkonen

3. J. Button

Personally I don’t think Sutil will hold on here as Fisichella did last week, but a high paying points position is very likely. And all of this can of course be thrown into peril if the heavy rain Monza’s been getting recently strikes again.

And just quickly, I reckon Fisi has a chance of a points position here (Kimi’s Ferrari is certainly strong), but probably only 8th.

So there’s this week’s prediction. It’s probably very wrong, but you never know. The Italian Grand Prix starts in just under 2 hours.

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