F1 News – Fisi For Ferrari!

A ceratin Italian has finally been awarded his dream drive.

From the Italian Grand Prix next weekend, Giancarlo Fisichella will be driving for the Ferrari team. It’s been the F1 veteran’s dream since he 684px-Giancarlo_Fisichella_2009_Australiaentered the sport.

Many though that the 36 year-old would never achieve the heights of the prancing horse. But critics were put in their place last weekend when Fisichella drove his Force India into a stunning second place behind Ferrari’s Kimi Raikkonnen.

Fisichella will be replacing Felipe Massa, who is currently recovering after an accident at the Hungarian Grand Prix. The Brazillian’s original replacement was to be former World Champion Michael Schumacher, but he had to pull out due to health issues. The job then fell to Ferrari’s test driver Luca Badoer. However, with Badoer finishing last on-track in his only 2 races, Ferrari have chosen to replace him again, this time with Fisichella.

It’s unlikely that Fisi will keep the drive into next season, but introducing him does make Ferrari’s job a little harder – they now have four drivers all fighting for two seats, with Alonso, Raikkonnen and Massa all wanting the drive.

Personally, I think this is great news for Fisi and for the sport. He more than proved he was capable last week by qualifying one of the worst cars in pole position. Force India are losing a very experienced driver to the Ferrari team. But could it mean that Ferrari finally return to form again in Monza. In the words of Mark Blundell, ‘We’ll have to wait and see!’

One Response to F1 News – Fisi For Ferrari!

  1. karen says:

    Well done Fisi , hope he gets a good result!

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