This Week On ‘The Rich, Harsh Poet’ – 25/08/09

thisweektestIt’s a day late again (sorry), but here’s what you can expect to see up on the site during this week.

Wales 2009 – As I mentioned last week, I was on a much needed holiday ( hence the lack of site updates). This week I’ll let you know all about it through a series of posts that I’m very originally calling ‘Wales 2009’! There’ll be a review of Oakwood themepark (which I believe is the biggest in Wales), some general observations I made and a visit to a Sci-Fi character’s grave! So look out for those articles during the week!

Grad Slam Tennis (Wii) review – Now i did mention this last week (as I fully planned to write it up last week) but due to me having little-to-no time, it didn’t materialise. Hopefully this week I’ll be able to let you know what I thought of the new Motion Plus game!

And as always I’ll be on the look out for any other interesting articles or rants that I can have!

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