Beginning Of The End For X-Factor?

Simon Cowell’s moneyspinner returned to our TV screens on Saturday, but it seems it wasn’t assimon cowell popular as he’d perhaps hoped.

The main problem seemed to be the shows changes. This year the audition stages of the show are taking place in front of a live audience similarly to Cowell’s other programme, ‘Britain’s Got Talent’. This also allows singers to have backing music if they please.

These changes have deterred many viewers with over 70 percent of viewers saying they were unimpressed according to ‘Yahoo!’. Many seem to think that the new format has ruined the ‘fun’ of the earlier stages.

Now personally, I would love to think that this is the start of Cowell’s empire crumbling, however that’s far from the truth. Almost 10 million tuned in on Saturday, which for a 6th series is amazing. It’ll only be next week that we discover if the changes have lost the show it’s audience (I somehow doubt it ).

In other news a comic book in America also called X-Factor, is very close to cancellation. Maybe it’s only a matter of time!!!

One Response to Beginning Of The End For X-Factor?

  1. Middle Man says:

    Why do we all criticise Cowell for being successful. He is clearly very, very good at what he does:

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