Song Of The Week – (23/08/09)

songweekHas it been a week already?! Yes it has indeed and so it’s time to pick a Song for this Week. I’ve decided once again to go for an oldie this time, one that until recently I had forgotten about until I rediscovered it through new technology. It is, undoubtedly, a classic.

This Week’s RHP Song Of The Week

Ring Of Fire

Johnny Cash

So why on earth have I picked this song? Well as with many people, I have always liked the song, it’s a great tune with equally good sing along lyrics. But the reason I have decided to pick it this week is down to a certain program called Spotify. You may remember I featured Spotify as a ‘Fun Thing To Do On The Web’ a couple of weeks ago. Through it I have re-found this gem from the 60’s and rekindled my love for it.

The song itself was recorded in 1963 and became Johnny Cash’s biggest hit, staying at number 1 for a whopping 7Ring-Of-Fire3 weeks. It’s an interesting song for me as it’s not really a genre I’m into. Country has never been my thing, but Cash’s vocals and the arrangement of instruments (including that famous trumpet sound) make this a great song to listen to.

If you’ve not discovered it yet, I really urge you to, it’s a brilliant tune that has withstood the test of time.

Johnny Cash - The Best of Johnny Cash - Ring of Fire

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