This Week On the Rich, Harsh Poet – 17/08/09

thisweektestNot a massive amount this week I’m afraid due to the fact I’m going to be away fro most of it! But there are a couple of things to look forward to!

Grand Slam tennis (Wii) – Fantastic, Fair or Flop

Another week and I’ve brought myself another MotionPlus game for the Wii. This time it’s EA’s attempt at recreating the perfect swing of a Grand Slam Tennis champion. This is also the first game to officially feature Wimbledon. But does it serve an ace? I hope to get this written by the weekend.

Trip Report

As I mentioned, I’m going away, but where? Well there’s a themepark and a capital city involved, so expect a few articles from my few days away towards the start of next week!

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