Make Your Own Kind Of Music!

No longer is this just the name of a song by Mama Cass in the 60’s, it now also refers to a brand new music blog!

Have a look here at the site which started up only a few days ago. Already you can read through reviews of two upcoming singles including RHP’s joint song of the week ‘Uprising’. There are many more reviews of singles/albums/gigs on the way over the next few months also.

What I’ve really enjoyed about this site is the opinion given. As I’ve come to lear, opinion is an essential part of any blog and ‘Make Your Own Kind Of Music’ has it in bucketloads! It may not be to you taste (Mika fans watch out), but it makes for some very entertaining reading.

Now, before you all ask, yes I do know the author of the blog and that’s why they’re getting a nice post on my homepage, but do have a look because I have genuinely  been impressed by the quality of the blog so far. It’s even given me some new ideas for RHP!

Hope you enjoy it too!

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