Song Of The Week – 09/08/09

songweekIt’s been five long months since I’ve remembered to update song of the week, (it’s been Citizen Erased for all that time!). But now it’s finally back and here to stay this time… I promise! As a special treat, I’m also featuring 2 of my favourite songs this week…

This week’s RHP Songs Of The Week

United States Of Eurasia



I’m sure that comes as no surprise to alot of you, I don’t exactly keep it quiet that I love Muse! But for those of you who don’t know, ‘United States Of Eurasia’ and ‘Uprising’ are the first two songs we have heard from Muse’s new album ‘The Resistance’.

United States’ is a very classical tune and reminiscent of Queen’s harmonies. It’s quite different to anything that Muse have tried before. This makes is much a more interesting, but also very risky track by the band. There’s many things in there such as ‘Flash’ by Queen and parts that sound like they could be Tutankamun’s theme tune! This makes the song a very strange listen to begin with, but persevere and you will see the greatness in this song.


Artwork for the upcoming 'The Resistance'

The lyrics talk of Uniting the States of Eurasia against the USA. It mentions that wars cannot be won and ‘should we do as we’re told?’. It’s not too political though and the band themselves say the song is quite tongue-in-cheek and dramatically over the top, they had to refrain from laughing while recording!

The second song, ‘Uprising’ is a completely different song. It drops classical for a much more dance oriented tune. This is what I love about Muse, the fact they have the skill and the audacity to attempt two such different songs.

The great news is that ‘Uprising’ works and is an extremely catchy tune, which is a good thing for the bands first single. The lyrics are once again fairly political and are in the words of Bellamy a protest against the banking crisis. The chorus for me is the best part with Bellamy shouting lines like ‘We will be victorious’. It reminded me quite strongly of the dramatic chorus in ‘Knights Of Cydonia’ and I think this could be chanted in stadiums just as much as it’s predecessor.

‘Uprising’ will be available from 7th September and ‘The Resistance’ from 14th September, but if you can’t wait til then, have a listen over at Muse’s official site!

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