Project Eurasia – The Hunt Is On

For any of you who don’t know, I’m a pretty big Muse fan and in the last couple of days there’s been a fairly big development regarding their upcoming Album ‘The Resistance’.

Yesterday at 11 AM, the band relaunched their official website to include all new info, pics and user areas. Today a much bigger web-presence has begun.

Project Eurasia is a worldwide treasure hunt related to the band (and presumably to their new track ‘United States Of Eurasia’). You can get your first clue right now at . The clue seems to point to a location in Paris with a time of 10-12 tomorrow. The first person to find the ‘Eurasia agent’ there tomorrow will win 2 tickets to see the band and be the first to recieve the next clue!

We don’t know where this treasure hunt is leading exactly, but I’m pleased that the band (or their management) are putting effort into this. It’s nice to see some original marketing for a new album.

Get involved in the project now over at the Eurasia mini-site.

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