Britain’s Got 19 Million People With Nothing Better To Do!

And so we come to the end of another of Simon Cowell’s money-making ventures. Britain’s Got Talent (BGT) had it’s ‘climactic’ (yeah right!) finale last night with dance act Diveristy winning through. But why on earth are we still watching this show?


Firstly of all, the show doesn’t flaunt UK talent as Cowell Morgan and that truly AWFUL Amanda Holden would have you believe. It’s just another show based around either laughing at the ones that are bad or getting stupidly hyped up about the ones that are remotely good!

Take Susan Boyle for example. She’s not the best looking woman around, but she’s also not that ugly. She has a fairly nice singing voice, but not the best by a long way. But Cowell and ITV and every flippin’ paper have been going crazy about her for the last few weeks, so much so that even I know enough about her to write this (I religiously try to avoid BGT). It’s a really really poor excuse to line Mr. Cowell’s pockets at the expense of exploiting an elderly lady. It all came to the boil (sorry rubbish pun) last night when after weeks of hype, Susan came second. She was built up just to be dropped down as she was seen as a ‘safe’ bet to win.

Another point about the show was the actual quality of the acts. There was someone who could play a saxophone, lovely, but not really an amazing talent. Some people could dance, which was very well choreographed, but not anything I haven’t seen before. A Grandfather and Graddaughter double act were once again a nice idea, but not brilliantly talented, it was obvious they had got this far due to their ‘sob-story’.

I’m not out to criticise these people, they do have talent to an extent and did put effort into last night, but they weren’t anything special or out of the ordinary or for that matter anything that I would pay money to see. Despite Ant and Dec’s claims that this was the best show ever, I wasn’t impressed.

Last night was the first (and last) time I have ever watched BGT. I really don’t understand why people are so obsessed by the programme, but obviously you are (all 19 mill of you) and I fully expect the abusive comments to come my way!

To me the show is and always will be a poor excuse to give Cowell money and keep the failing ITV afloat, not anything on the brilliantly scripted shows which get so unfairly dismissed such as Pushing Daisies, IT Crowd and Peep Show.

Still, Big Brother starts next week!

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