Saw – The Ride Opens At Thorpe Park

It’s a very exciting day for UK theme park fans today. Thorpe Park officially re-opens for its 2009 season and with it, one of the most anticipated rides ever, Saw – The Ride.


But why am I so excited? Well it could well be the best ride in the country.

On the outset it looks like a simple Eurofighter (vertical lift and drop). But what makes Saw so special is the theming. As it’s a movie franchise ride, Thorpe have injected millions into the atmosphere of the ride. There’s barbed wire, a run down shack (as jigsaw’s lair), sound effects, dead bodies, traps, cameras. It just looks like you’ve walked into a Saw movie.

This may not seem massively important to all of you out there, but for me, the atmosphere created by themeing, can make or break a ride. This one looks fantastic, up to the standard of Disney and Universal in the US.

The ride should hopefully pave the way for another massive coaster project at Alton Towers next year. They were granted permission for their ‘worlds first’ rollercoaster, SW6 yesterday. It should be a good year for coaster fans!


2 Responses to Saw – The Ride Opens At Thorpe Park

  1. Jordiebee says:

    When i went on saw i just loved it what could be better!! my favourite ride ever….i have loads of favourites and in my top 10!

  2. MissSAW...LoL says:

    saw is really realy good..i loved it…although i was scared of it…on the first try,when i whent with my mates i cryed…how embarrasing…on the second try i went with more mates…i scream my head off…buh i didnt cry coz i was getting used to it…althought it made me jumpy a bit…buh i have to be onest…it was bear good…
    TRY IT!at thorpe park.
    more information visit:

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