Snow Patrol Rock Manchester

Thousands of people flocked to the MEN arena in Manchester on Saturday to see one of Britain’s biggest bands, Snow Patrol.


The night kicked off with two support acts, Cashier number 9 and White Lies. Both put in a good performance. White Lies (who had a recent no 1 album) acted as a great warm-up and got the crowd ready for the main event.

Just after 9pm, Snow Patrol came on stage and opened with ‘If There’s A Rocket, Tie Me To It’. This was a slow start and didn’t really involve the audience. However, that all changed when the band went straight into ‘Chocolate’. This brought everyone to their feet, even high up in the aisles.

The band then treated us to a selection of their classic hits, ‘Hands Open’, ‘Spitting Games’ and ‘How To Be Dead’. It was a very powerful opening which the crowd greatly appreciated.

After this, the pace slowed. Gary Lightbody ventured into the crowd to serenade a lucky audience member with an acoustic version of ‘Run’. Personally I don’t think this worked. ‘Run’ works best as a strong song with plenty of backing. Lightbody also had to pause mid-song many times after being mobbed by the crowd. It was entertaining and different, but didn’t really work.

Lightbody soon returned to the stage and performed a beautiful rendition of ‘The Planets Bend Between Us’. The vocals, music and on-screen imagery was perfect for this. ‘Shut Your Eyes’ soon followed with an attempt at audience participation. This was good, but went on for far too long!


The crowd erupted soon after when the opening notes of ‘Chasing Cars’ echoed around the arena. This was played very quietly and almost intimately at first, allowing the crowd to chant the lyrics loud and clear. When it came to the final chorus, the guitars kicked in and provided an overwhelming end to the song.

The main set was rounded off with some more tracks from the latest album. ‘Crack the Shutters’ was clearly a fan-favourite. ‘Take Back the City’ was also received well, even if Lightbody forgot some of the words!

Snow Patrol soon returned for the encore of ‘The Lightning Strike’. It’s clear that the band see this as the crowning achievement of their latest album. The 16 minute song was represented on massive screens with origami images stars and planets swirling. They performed the song faultlessly

The show was rounded off with another rock song, ‘You’re All I Have’.

Snow Patrol provided a great night of entertainment for all. Some songs like ‘Run’ weren’t as good as they could be. I was also upset at the lack of ‘Please Just Take These Photo’s From My Hands’ and ‘Signal Fire’. But the majority of performances on the night were impeccable!

The band are returning to the Midlands two more times during this tour, Birmingham on 11th March and Nottingham on the 12th March. For full tour dates, click here.

More Photo’s from the event.

To buy Snow Patrol music, Click here> Snow Patrol

2 Responses to Snow Patrol Rock Manchester

  1. deg3neration says:

    hi there i chanced upon your blog, and discovered we have extremely similar tastes in music, (snow patrol, muse!!!) themeparks, especially water ones!

    hahah i was doing a search on snow patrol take back the city tour reviews, and that’s how i came across this. im gonna be catching them tmr night at the 02 in london, EXTREMELY gutted that they are not gonna be playing signal fire, that’s my fave song! though at least they made up it some by playing chocolate.

    anyway, keep up the great blog you have here! :]

    ps WHEN are muse ever gonna come back to london to perform again..i missed them the last time round! :/

  2. deg3neration says:

    and fingers crossed that they somehow decide to play signal fire tmr!

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