Song Of The Week – 08/03/09

As promised, this weeks song is another Snow Patrol track.

You may remember that I was off to see the band in Manchester yesterday. Now I’m returned and it’s time for me to pick a stand-out song from the show for this weeks song. I’ve gone for something a bit different and really quite special.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you…

The Lightning Strike

Part One – What If This Storm Ends

Part Two – The Sunlight Through The Flags

Part Three – Daybreak

You can tell Snow Patrol treat this song like a crowning achievement. It’s a 16 minute spectacular made up of three distinct sections. The band supposedly penned the song during a harsh electrical storm last year. I really love how in this day and age, Snow Patrol have still dared to do this. Lets face it, there aren’t many bands that would release a track of this length.

The track has a little bit of everything that makes this band great. There’s plenty of rock at the beginning, with dramatic chords and string guitars. There’s calm in the middle. There’s high and low points and a very strong and slightly emotional ending!

Seeing it live was something quite special. There was also a lot of effort put into the live performance, with screens rolling in and out of sight and vast visions of an ‘origami space world’ projected on stage.

So there you have it, ‘The Lightning Strike’, this week’s Song Of The Week.

Snow Patrol - A Hundred Million Suns - The Lightning Strike

Obviously, the full Snow Patrol show was fantastic and I’ll fully review it for you tomorrow 😉

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