Why was Pushing Daisies Cancelled?

February 20, 2009


OK, so I’ve known for a while that Pushing Daisies has been axed in America and that the second season will end after episode 13. But I’m struggling to understand why.

I was a very big fan of the first season and hoped the show would go from strength to strength. I was therefore disappointed when I heard of the cancellation and presumed that the second season had dropped in quality.

After watching episode 4 tonight on ITV, I am confused as to why the show was dropped. This season has so far been just as witty, surreal and heartwarming as the one before it. If anything it’s been better with proper over-arching stories (Chuck’s mother, Ned’s father, Emerson’s daughter).

More than anything, I feel the show has remained fresh and very different from anything else on TV. It’s nice when there are so many dark/serious dramas coming from America (Lost, 24, Prison Break, The Wire) to have something that’s not serious at all and just a relaxing bit of fun.

I will miss the show very much when it’s gone, I feel it’s been severely underrated or misunderstood in the states. I just hope that Bryan Fuller was able create a good fulfilling ending in the time he had left.

In more exciting US TV news, Heroes is back on Monday!!!


The Brits 2009- What I thought

February 19, 2009


It’s not really that exciting an event anymore (all award ceremonies are getting a bit boring) but the Brits was back again tonight, for the 29th time. So what was there to see apart from the fact Tom Jones has gone white?!

Well fist of all, I thought the hosting was rather dire. I’m not the biggest fan of James Corden or Matthew Horne at the best of times, but tonight I just found them cringe-worthy. And if what I heard from the crowd was genuine, then at times, they agreed with me. All credit that they kept trying to be entertaining, but they just failed miserably, a poor choice.

As for Kylie, well she was Kylie. She turned up, did her job fine, but wasn’t anything special. In fact at times she seemed more like a model than a singer/presenter.

The live performances were a bit of a mixed bag. U2 opened ‘showcasing’ their new single. I do normally like their stuff, but this on just didn’t do it for me. Let’s hope the final version is a bit better. Girls Aloud put in a fine performance also with their song ‘The Promise’. Cant really fault them on that, but I still don’t like their stuff :p .

Duffy put in one of her better live performances. I’ve not been too impressed with her live, but tonight she seemed to give it her all. Maybe it was all the awards she was winning. Might’ve been better if the lights had worked so we could see her face though…

Take That appeared from high above to try and imply they were Gods or something. No offence to the lads (or should I say men) but this did annoy me a bit. They’re undoubtedly great songwriters, but this space-age  OTT performance just got on my nerves, as if they thought they were ‘above’ any other British artist. Smug scoundrels!

On to the collaborations, another mixed bag. I could see what The Ting Ting’s and Estelle were trying to do, they just didn’t pull it off. It didn’t really help that Estelle started horrendously out of time with the music. It got a bit better as it went on and culminated in a strange mishmash of sound at the end, so not much different than The Ting Ting’s normally sound!

The other collaboration was The Pet Shop Boys with Lady GaGa and Brandon Flowers. This one was a bit better with The Pet Shop Boys giving us a medley of their greatest hits. GaGa and Flowers did seem a bit forced in however, just appearing for the smallest of moments, as if a last minute thought. This didn’t stop Flowers though who seemed to overpower even the music in his sections!

And finally onto the awards, I’ll give you a sentence on each…

Best British Male: Paul Weller – Yeah, pleased with this one, he was best in the category, shame he couldn’t be there though.

Best British Female: Duffy – She didn’t know what it meant, but she won it all the same and rightly so I think.

Best British Group: Elbow – Very surprised and pleased to see this one, even if just to wipe the smugness off Gary Barlow’s face!

Best British Live Act: Iron Maiden – Again a surprise here, but from what I hear, well deserved.

Best British Single: Girls Aloud, The Promise – Not what I would have chosen, but it’s a catchy tune and as the girls had never won before, probably the right choice.

Best British Breakthough Act: Duffy – I was so pleased this wasn’t Scouting For Girls, well done Duffy.

Best International Group: Kings Of Leon – If I’m being honest, I like Kings Of Leon but think they’re overrated, should’ve been Killers. 

Best International Male: Kanye West – WHAT! Not Neil Diamond or Seasick Steve!

Best International Female: Katy Perry – I thought Beyonce or Pink for this. Not a fan of Katy’s really and think she’s lucky to have on this.

Best International Album: Kings Of Leon, Only By The Night – I’ve had Day and Age by The Killers in my head since before Christmas so I think you can guess what I wanted to win.

Best British Album: Duffy, Rockferry – Was it the best this year, debatable, but it was certainly very good, so once again well done Duffy. 

Critics Choice: Florence and The Machine – Well I think she’s alright, so yeah, probably a good choice.

Outstanding Contribution To Music: The Pet Shop Boys – They’ve contributed, and it’s outstanding they’re still around, so yeah, good choice!


So there you have it, The Brits 2009, the year Duffy was Queen, Take That didn’t win any, Elbow got one after far too long, same goes for Girls Aloud and Fearne Cotton annoyed the hell out of everyone. Oh yeah, she always does. It’ll no doubt be back next year for the 30th time, so we can go through all this palava again then!


Staffs News At The Stoke Twestival

February 16, 2009

Here’s my latest newsday package for you. It’s a follow-up to last weeks Twestival preview (I do do more than just Twitter stories, but these two have been quite interesting!)


The social networking website Twitter came to our city earlier this week. The first ever Twestival took place around the world on Thursday.

The idea was for members of the social networking site to meet up with one another and raise money for charity.

Chris Heath visited the Stoke venue in Burslem to see what all the fuss was about.

Cariba Creek Review

February 15, 2009

As you may know, I’m a very big themepark fanatic and in particular I love Alton Towers. I’ve been going to the park since before I can remember and have enjoyed every visit. However I had never made it into the waterpark, until this weekend!


Cariba Creek (which is in the process of being renamed ‘Alton Towers Waterpark’, but I prefer Cariba Creek so I’ll uses that) is on the outset, nothing that special. I remember seeing pictures of it and hearing details of the place and being a little disappointed. It has many different attractions, but in my opinion, nothing other places around the world and even the UK had done before.

But I was wrong.

Cariba is a pure and simple case of having to see it to believe it. The area the waterpark takes up is quite small, but they’ve fitted a lot into that area. And the scenery is just brilliant. It’s probably the first thing that will hit you when you walk out into the park. You see a treehouse full of waterguns in the background, master blaster working it’s way around you, palm trees everywhere and a massive fountain in the middle of it all. It really is quite an awe-inspiring sight, the kind of site only Alton Towers manage.

So, on to the actual attraction in Cariba Creek. The main slide is The ‘Master Blaster’. This is a ‘watercoaster’ ride and launches you up ramps as well as sliding down. It really does look quite special. ‘And it had better be’ I thought as I waited in line for almost 1/2 hour to get a go. I really was wondering how the essence of Alton Towers would be conveyed in this park and it seemed the queueing was it!


Eventually I got my rubber ring and made it onto the ride. It is quite an experience. I’ve been on a watercoaster ride before, but this one easily beat it. Master Blaster sends you sliding down a fairly big drop (whilst spraying you with water from above) before launching you straight back up and into a long winding tube. After this you go up and down another 2 times as you make your way around the waterpark. After this the pace really picks up as you slide down the final few drops in total darkness. When you splash in the water at the end you really are traveling at quite a speed.

‘Master Blaster’ is quite a ride and even has a ride photo point. However I was unable to locate where you pick these up from (answers on a postcard please!). Despite the wait, it was well worth it.

So what about the other attractions? Well there are two more indoor slides called Rush and Rampage. These are just basic tube slides, quite fun but nothing special. Rush does have an interesting gimmick though. On the way down you meet many road signs, weird! 

Also hidden behind the main pool is the lazy river which was pretty fun. As well as floating along with the stream, Cariba has mini tipping buckets and showers to randomly spray you along the way, great fun! The indoor section of the park also has a mini toddlers area with some spraying showers and a mini slide for the little ones.


As well as fun under the glass roof indoors, Cariba creek also has an outdoor area. I was surprised this was open when I visited (February) but also pleased. Outside there is another slide called Flash Floods. This slide starts off as two and then divides into three half way down. Once again , it was a good slide but nothing too special, probably more fun in the summer! Outdoors also has the ‘Bubbly Wubbly’ pool which is a giant jacuzzi. This was lovely and warm (and a bit surreal in the winter) but there was a bit of a lack of bubbles. Don’t know if it was broken, but I think there should have been more.

Moving back indoors we come to what I think is the crowning achievement of Cariba Creek, something which I have never seen in the UK or abroad before. The Wacky Waterworks. This area consists of a treehouse filled with waterguns, showers, leaks, buckets and anything else you could think of to dow with water. I’m a big fan of the ride ‘Battle Galleons’ in the Alton Towers park and this was a similar idea. A massive water fight. What impressed me were the varieties of ways you could soak people., it wasn’t all just guns. You could drop water on unsuspecting people below, spray them with a constantly running tube of water or just pull a leaver which caused a big leak!

And how could I mention the waterworks without mentioning the tipping bucket. This is something I have experienced before at many different waterparks. But the one at Cariba seemed to be bigger, last longer and was just set up better. The bucket tips in the middle of a walkway meaning some people don’t realise it’s there, which is always funny! It’s also great to see the lifeguards dart out of the way every time they hear the bell to say it’s coming.


The best thing about this area was that everyone was having a great time. Kids and adults alike ran into the treehouse and spent ages trying to chuck water at one another. It was a genuinely great atmosphere and this is due to the fact Alton Towers have really put the effort into the place.

There were some negatives to Cariba, firstly, I do still think it needs more. It is great at the moment, but a new slide or two would really help make this world class. Secondly, it does get busy. Towers can’t really help this, but it is annoying having to wait themepark lengths for a waterslide. And thirdly, I do think the price is a bit much for what you actually get.

I really had a great time at Cariba Creek and urge anyone who can to get to it. It is a bit pricey at £14.00 for an adult ticket, but it is just so much fun. Another successful attraction for the Towers!

  1. All Images From TowersTimes

Mark and I at the Twestival

February 13, 2009

Just a quickie to show you some pictures that were taken at last nights Twitter Twestival in Stoke. You’ll see me and my North/South Divide co-host Mark Astley in some of the shots. We’re the one with a camera making a news package for this weeks newsday. That aticle will of course appear on here as soon as it’s all edited down!

So here are the photos, taken by Scott Sharman

Click Here

The North/South Divide

February 12, 2009

Just a quick heads up to let you know mine and Mark Astley’s radio show, ‘The North/South Divide’ will be on GK Radio from 2 today. To listen in, visit http://www.gkradio.co.uk


ExSITEing Updates 1

February 11, 2009

So I’ve had this blog for nearing a week now and thought it was time to do some updating and decorating.

The first thing I’ve changed is the header at the top. Gone is that rather generic orange and blackness and in is a new spacey scene. oooh, isn’t it pretty they all cry! I’ve also decided the site needed a motto so put a rather feeble one underneath. I’m open to better ones if you have them. The header may also be used in a google style way (haven’t decided yet) whereby I’ll change it when special events happen! So look out for that maybe.


Secondly, for those who don’t know who the heck I am, please be directed to the ‘About Me’ section which has miraculously appeared to the right of this post! I’m sure it’ll provide some interesting reading… maybe


And finally I thought you’d all like to see the vids I make in my spare time, so a direct link to my YouTube channel has also appeared on that right hand bar. Enjoy.


Well that’s it for now, hope you all enjoy the updates and I’ll post some more stuff up here when I’ve thought of what to say.