Why was Pushing Daisies Cancelled?

February 20, 2009


OK, so I’ve known for a while that Pushing Daisies has been axed in America and that the second season will end after episode 13. But I’m struggling to understand why.

I was a very big fan of the first season and hoped the show would go from strength to strength. I was therefore disappointed when I heard of the cancellation and presumed that the second season had dropped in quality.

After watching episode 4 tonight on ITV, I am confused as to why the show was dropped. This season has so far been just as witty, surreal and heartwarming as the one before it. If anything it’s been better with proper over-arching stories (Chuck’s mother, Ned’s father, Emerson’s daughter).

More than anything, I feel the show has remained fresh and very different from anything else on TV. It’s nice when there are so many dark/serious dramas coming from America (Lost, 24, Prison Break, The Wire) to have something that’s not serious at all and just a relaxing bit of fun.

I will miss the show very much when it’s gone, I feel it’s been severely underrated or misunderstood in the states. I just hope that Bryan Fuller was able create a good fulfilling ending in the time he had left.

In more exciting US TV news, Heroes is back on Monday!!!