The Brits 2009- What I thought


It’s not really that exciting an event anymore (all award ceremonies are getting a bit boring) but the Brits was back again tonight, for the 29th time. So what was there to see apart from the fact Tom Jones has gone white?!

Well fist of all, I thought the hosting was rather dire. I’m not the biggest fan of James Corden or Matthew Horne at the best of times, but tonight I just found them cringe-worthy. And if what I heard from the crowd was genuine, then at times, they agreed with me. All credit that they kept trying to be entertaining, but they just failed miserably, a poor choice.

As for Kylie, well she was Kylie. She turned up, did her job fine, but wasn’t anything special. In fact at times she seemed more like a model than a singer/presenter.

The live performances were a bit of a mixed bag. U2 opened ‘showcasing’ their new single. I do normally like their stuff, but this on just didn’t do it for me. Let’s hope the final version is a bit better. Girls Aloud put in a fine performance also with their song ‘The Promise’. Cant really fault them on that, but I still don’t like their stuff :p .

Duffy put in one of her better live performances. I’ve not been too impressed with her live, but tonight she seemed to give it her all. Maybe it was all the awards she was winning. Might’ve been better if the lights had worked so we could see her face though…

Take That appeared from high above to try and imply they were Gods or something. No offence to the lads (or should I say men) but this did annoy me a bit. They’re undoubtedly great songwriters, but this space-age  OTT performance just got on my nerves, as if they thought they were ‘above’ any other British artist. Smug scoundrels!

On to the collaborations, another mixed bag. I could see what The Ting Ting’s and Estelle were trying to do, they just didn’t pull it off. It didn’t really help that Estelle started horrendously out of time with the music. It got a bit better as it went on and culminated in a strange mishmash of sound at the end, so not much different than The Ting Ting’s normally sound!

The other collaboration was The Pet Shop Boys with Lady GaGa and Brandon Flowers. This one was a bit better with The Pet Shop Boys giving us a medley of their greatest hits. GaGa and Flowers did seem a bit forced in however, just appearing for the smallest of moments, as if a last minute thought. This didn’t stop Flowers though who seemed to overpower even the music in his sections!

And finally onto the awards, I’ll give you a sentence on each…

Best British Male: Paul Weller – Yeah, pleased with this one, he was best in the category, shame he couldn’t be there though.

Best British Female: Duffy – She didn’t know what it meant, but she won it all the same and rightly so I think.

Best British Group: Elbow – Very surprised and pleased to see this one, even if just to wipe the smugness off Gary Barlow’s face!

Best British Live Act: Iron Maiden – Again a surprise here, but from what I hear, well deserved.

Best British Single: Girls Aloud, The Promise – Not what I would have chosen, but it’s a catchy tune and as the girls had never won before, probably the right choice.

Best British Breakthough Act: Duffy – I was so pleased this wasn’t Scouting For Girls, well done Duffy.

Best International Group: Kings Of Leon – If I’m being honest, I like Kings Of Leon but think they’re overrated, should’ve been Killers. 

Best International Male: Kanye West – WHAT! Not Neil Diamond or Seasick Steve!

Best International Female: Katy Perry – I thought Beyonce or Pink for this. Not a fan of Katy’s really and think she’s lucky to have on this.

Best International Album: Kings Of Leon, Only By The Night – I’ve had Day and Age by The Killers in my head since before Christmas so I think you can guess what I wanted to win.

Best British Album: Duffy, Rockferry – Was it the best this year, debatable, but it was certainly very good, so once again well done Duffy. 

Critics Choice: Florence and The Machine – Well I think she’s alright, so yeah, probably a good choice.

Outstanding Contribution To Music: The Pet Shop Boys – They’ve contributed, and it’s outstanding they’re still around, so yeah, good choice!


So there you have it, The Brits 2009, the year Duffy was Queen, Take That didn’t win any, Elbow got one after far too long, same goes for Girls Aloud and Fearne Cotton annoyed the hell out of everyone. Oh yeah, she always does. It’ll no doubt be back next year for the 30th time, so we can go through all this palava again then!


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