ExSITEing Updates 1

So I’ve had this blog for nearing a week now and thought it was time to do some updating and decorating.

The first thing I’ve changed is the header at the top. Gone is that rather generic orange and blackness and in is a new spacey scene. oooh, isn’t it pretty they all cry! I’ve also decided the site needed a motto so put a rather feeble one underneath. I’m open to better ones if you have them. The header may also be used in a google style way (haven’t decided yet) whereby I’ll change it when special events happen! So look out for that maybe.


Secondly, for those who don’t know who the heck I am, please be directed to the ‘About Me’ section which has miraculously appeared to the right of this post! I’m sure it’ll provide some interesting reading… maybe


And finally I thought you’d all like to see the vids I make in my spare time, so a direct link to my YouTube channel has also appeared on that right hand bar. Enjoy.


Well that’s it for now, hope you all enjoy the updates and I’ll post some more stuff up here when I’ve thought of what to say.



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